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As was presented here, Ezekiel's prophecy of the Third Temple can have an appropriate architectural embodiment. In the prophecy of Ezekiel given, basically, the horizontal dimensions of architecture of the temple complex of Third Temple. Therefore, I can not insist on the exclusivity of my 3D model of the Third Temple, but the two-dimensional drawings I have published reflect the prophecy of Ezekiel in the only way. Other variants of the arrangement of the sizes from the text of Ezekiel are excluded at a detailed consideration of the functionality of these variants.

I intend to publish the architectural solution of the temple complex later, and now I want to talk about another important part of the prophecy of Ezekiel, which specifies the exact coordinates of the location of the future Temple. In accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel, the Third Temple should not be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Third Temple must be built in a new place.

Anyone who has carefully read chapters 40-48 of the book of Ezekiel, was to draw attention to the fact that firstly, Ezekiel did not recognize the place that he was shown.

To make sure that Ezekiel's prophecy shows a new place for the Third Temple, it is necessary to build a rectangle of the holy allotment, on a map, according to the dimensions given in the prophecy.

"The holy allotment shall be for these, namely for the priests, toward the north 25,000 cubits in length, toward the west 10,000 in width, toward the east 10,000 in width, and toward the south 25,000 in length; and the sanctuary of the LORD shall be in its midst.

Here I must point out two mistakes made by those who use the American translation of the Bible. First, in the Masoretic text there is no indication that measurements of sacred sites are made in cubits. In fact, wherever Ezekiel measures large lengths on the earth's surface, unless there is a specific indication that the measurements were made in the cubits, it must be assumed that the measurements were made in the  reeds.

The second fatal error of Messianic Jews and Christian commentators of Ezekiel's prophecy is that they interpret the expression "towards the north" as "from the north side".
In fact, in the prophecy of Ezekiel indicates the direction of movement during the measurement of land.

If someone doubts, then let him turn to the Masoretic text of Ezekiel's prophecy.

And one more mistake should not be made by those who want to display an allotment to the LORD on the map of the State of Israel. One measuring rod in Ezekiel's prophecy is 6 cubits, and one cubits is equal to 6 handbreadths. The Jews have only two versions of the measuring cubit: normal and reduced. When Ezekiel uses the expression "a cubit and a handbreadth", he means a normal cubit, which was measured without bending the palm of his hand into a fist.


This normal cubit is 480 millimeters  (≈ 1,5748 ft ).

Accordingly, the measuring rod is 2880 millimeters, or 2.88 meters (
≈ 9.4488 ft).

holy allotment

Now we must try to place this square, the size of 72 km, on the territory of Israel.

The first thing we will find out: a square of this size can not be placed in such a way that the center of the allotment to the LORD was on the territory of Jerusalem. Of course, we would like to have Jerusalem if not in the center, at least within the boundaries of the holy allotment.
And we succeed in this only if we take into account the historical territory of Jerusalem, without new districts administratively included in the current boundaries of the city.

In addition, it turns out that we can not move the boundaries of the sacred site either to the west or to the east, because otherwise the territory of the holy allotment will be either in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea or within the Dead Sea.

That is, it turns out that the location of the holy allotment, as well as the location of the Temple, located in the  center of the allotment to the Lord, in the prophecy of Ezekiel indicated absolutely accurately and unequivocally!

I make these measurements very accurately using the free program Google Earth.

Google Earth

As a result, we obtained the exact coordinates of the center of allotment to the Lord, the place where the altar of the Third Temple should be built: 31°28'58"N  35°14'37"E .

And we saw something strange in one of the photos of this place, which we managed to discover on the Internet:

The ruins of an ancient altar


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