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All the time you have to make corrections.

Corrected drawing of the temple complex of Ezekiel's Temple.

Drawing of Ezekiel's Temple.

Correction was made: the corners were cut off at the eastern wall of the courtyard, the length of the 24 cubits cut along the axis of the fence posts (not shown in the drawing). 6 sections of the fence, each 4 cubits long (1920 mm) will go at an angle of 45 degrees on both corners of the wall. In the liberated space there will be 12 drinking fountains: 6 along the wall and 6 in the area of the triangle, total 24 drinking fountains at both cut corners.

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Any changes in the current project of the Third Temple cause fierce controversy among our architects. By publishing the next version of the Third Temple in accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel, I want to hope that this option will be final.

The general drawing of the temple complex of the Third Temple.

The general drawing of the temple complex of the Third Temple

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Today I am making changes to the Third Temple project. These changes are the most significant for the last 4 months.

Drawing of the Third Temple according to Ezekiel

Modified model you can download. But in this model, not everything has been fixed.

The size of the inner part of the temple complex is now a 520 cubits. In the outer court now there are no galleries. A new line of the gallery appeared on the courtyard opposite the Temple. The area of the inner court has increased.

Perhaps, now we need to change the interior of buildings for kohanim, because the main entrance to them should be from the side of the Temple. It is not yet clear if this will be consistent with Ezekiel's prophecy.

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Ezekiel's Temple (The Third Temple)
Gradually the model of the Third Temple approaches its final form, (and the world imperceptibly approaches the Second Coming of Jesus Christ).
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Ezekiel's Temple

I am suffering for a long time and slowly, creating the Third Temple project. Still it is necessary to make many "trifles": fences, doors, window frames, gates.

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The visualization of Ezekiel's prophecy takes a long time. I have not yet made all the elements of the model. Still it is necessary to select textures.

Date palms on 3d model of the Temple

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The changes touched the facade of the building.

The Third Temple

The building that was in front of the separate area at the side toward the west was seventy cubits wide; and the wall of the building was five cubits thick all around, and its length was ninety cubits.

70 cubits, as well as 90 cubits, are measured at the level of the earth's surface. Therefore, the right and left of the front wall should not have large protrusions.

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As a rule, commentators of Ezekiel's prophecy paint very high gates.

He made the side pillars sixty cubits high; the gate extended round about to the side pillar of the courtyard.
From the front of the entrance gate to the front of the inner porch of the gate was fifty cubits.

(Ez. 40:14-15)

Ezekiel almost always indicates only horizontal dimensions. Obviously, showing us only horizontal dimensions, the Lord God hopes for our common sense. In the fourteenth verse of Ezekiel in the original Hebrew there is no word "high". From the original in Hebrew you can translate something like this:

And he made (measurements) columns - sixty cubits, Also for the columns of the courtyard at the gate - around, around.

Since in the next verse the prophecy speaks of a horizontal dimension of 50 cubits, — we have no reason to try to measure out 60 cubits in height. 60 cubits of height for the pillar, the width of which is only 2 cubits — this is too disproportionate. And for the whole room measuring 50 by 25 cubits, the height of the canopy of 60 cubits would be a great inconvenience in the rain.

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The Third Temple in accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel, the plan of the first floor.

The House
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Not everything is ready yet. The modeling of the Third Temple is very slow.


It is surprising that in the construction of windows, guided by simplicity and reliability for elements not specified in the prophecy of Ezekiel, there is some theological meaning in the simple construction of window frames.
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