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You can download the current version of the 3D model of the Third (Ezekiel's) Temple:

Now you can download a new 3D model of the Third Temple SKP.ZIP low textures (14.6MB)  or  SKP.ZIP  full version (30MB)

These files will be updated.

The Third (Ezekiel's) Temple
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The 3d model of the Third Temple was created in strict accordance with the description in the Bible, in the book of the prophet Ezekiel. This Temple is the Temple of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and must be built, according to prophecy, in the Judean Desert, between Ein Gedi and Hebron, about 30 km south of Jerusalem, on the southern slope of the mountain of 543 meters high, near the ruins of the altar of Abraham, сoordinates 31°28'58 "N 35°14'37" E.

This particular architectural solution of the Third Temple has its own name: "Galgal". This file contains only external elements of the future Temple complex, without the interiors of buildings, and some of the external elements are missing: fences, doors, gates.

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Ezekiel's Temple (The Third Temple)
Gradually the model of the Third Temple approaches its final form, (and the world imperceptibly approaches the Second Coming of Jesus Christ).
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Ezekiel's Temple

I am suffering for a long time and slowly, creating the Third Temple project. Still it is necessary to make many "trifles": fences, doors, window frames, gates.

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The visualization of Ezekiel's prophecy takes a long time. I have not yet made all the elements of the model. Still it is necessary to select textures.

Date palms on 3d model of the Temple


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